In the blistering cold

The hunger Grows


Survival horror meets puzzle solver with this stealthy entry in the Escape or Die series, The Inn.

Abducted on the road at night, you find yourself locked within the basement of a roadside inn. The innkeeper has gone to sleep, the corpses all around you tell what fate awaits you in the morning. You must escape without waking him.

• Single player
• First person
• 3 distinct difficulty levels
• Save and load progress anytime
• Non-linear gameplay with open decision making
• Multiple solutions to every obstacle
• Alternate endings including a hidden, secret ending

Contains blood, violence, and intense gore.


You must find a way to escape the inn without waking the innkeeper! Everything you do will make some level of noise, be it how you choose to move around, interact with objects, or how you overcome an obstacle.

You can attempt to break locks with tools you picked up, or use some lockpicks you found for a more skilled, but quieter approach. You may be able to find the key, or there might be another way around that you overlooked, try anything you can think of! These kind of choices are yours to make with every obstacle, anywhere, anytime.

Discover ways to escape by exploring the world around you, but be cautious, this part of the world is dangerous and the environment itself can be an obstacle to avoid or overcome, be it the howling in the distance or the freezing cold.

If you do wake the innkeeper, don't let him notice you...

Coming Early 2021 to Steam