Survival horror meets puzzle solver with this stealthy entry in Grim's Journey, The Host.

You fill the shoes of Grim, who has set off on a journey across the world. During your first night on the road you are suddenly attacked, your carriage door ripped open as you are dragged out into the blistering cold, and knocked unconscious...

You awake to find yourself locked within the basement of a roadside inn. The innkeeper has gone to sleep, the corpses filling the room tell what fate awaits you in the morning.

You must find a way to end this nightmare.


Your only hope of survival is to be as quiet as possible and find a way to escape the inn. If your captor awakens he may not be so merciful the second time he catches you...

Everything you do will make some level of noise, be it how you choose to move around, interact with objects, or how you overcome an obstacle.

All manner of obstacles lie in your path to freedom, be it a simple locked door, or a caged dog that won't stop barking.

How you choose to tackle an obstacle is up to you, as every obstacle has multiple different ways to overcome it. some choices may be an easy solution but have dire consequences, others may seem difficult but lead to better outcomes.

this part of the world is dangerous and the environment itself may be an obstacle to avoid or overcome, be it the growling in the distance or the freezing cold...


Single Player

First Person

3 difficulty levels

Save and load progress anytime

Non-linear gameplay

Multiple solutions to every obstacle

Alternate endings that change the plot, events, and characters of other Evallis games in your library


Coming Fall 2021

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