An intense survival horror experience based on light and dark, The Mors is a terrifying dive into the unknown.

You fill the shoes of Jack, who has been sent to find a missing coworker, only to become trapped within the rotting husk of a long abandoned estate.

As you are thrown through diverse locations and horrific events, you must try and survive as the light grows faint, and the grotesque cracking in the distance grows ever louder.

You're in their world now.
And they're coming for you...


Light is your lifeline, how you choose to use it will often determine if you will survive, or be dragged into the darkness never to be seen again.

Use lights in the environment to your advantage, be it simply to see, or to slow down the countless horrors that hunt for you in the darkness.

Gather items to use for various purposes as you try and find a way out, be it tools that allow you to overcome obstacles and progress into new areas, new light sources with unique uses, or healing tonics to dull the pain.

‍The deeper you delve, however, the more intense the experience becomes. Finding light becomes much harder and the lurking horrors become stronger and more numerous.

Hidden items may be found off the beaten path that give you an advantage, or reveal the history and secrets of this place long forgotten.


Single player

First person

15 achievements to unlock

3 difficulty levels

End of level save points

Randomized encounters and items

In-depth readable journals (entirely optional)

Content Warnings

Now Available!

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