The Mors(Under Development)

when the lights fade...

they will find you...
Welcome to The Mors


The Mors is an intense and terrifying dive into the darkness where you are thrown through diverse locations and horrific events, the pressure continuing to rise as you try to escape. Use lights in the environment to your advantage, break down doors, overcome obstacles in multiple ways, and find hidden items off the beaten path as you unravel the history and secrets of this place long forgotten.

• Single player
• First Person
• 15 Achievements to unlock
• 3 distinct difficulty levels
• Randomized encounters and items
• Multiple solutions to obstacles
• Rich background lore (all reading optional)


You've worked with Rick for years, he's always been a reliable worker and never met a job he couldn't handle. But that all changes today, a strange job came into the office this morning, and Rick hasn't come back.

You are sent by your boss Robert to check on Rick before nightfall, only to find yourself trapped inside the rotting husk of a long abandoned estate.

Your only hope is to escape, but as you search desperately for a way out, you begin to hear something, there is something moving in the dark...

You're in their world now.
And they're coming for you...

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